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What Questions Should you be Asking your Denver Roofing Expert?

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You’ve gotten to the point where your no longer just looking up at the roof saying.. I should do something about that.. that’s right you have decided to take that next step to thinking about taking action. You’ve filtered through yelp and google searches typing key phrases such as “Denver Roofing” “local roofer” or “roofing professional” you’ve made a tentative decision as to what company you are going to work with and you give them a call! Now what?

5 Important Questions you want to ask your Denver roofing professional before you sign that contract.

1. Will you be removing the old roof?

This question may sound ridiculous and almost not worth asking but you would be surprised to hear that some roofing companies don’t follow code or pull permits for that matter. They will leave the old roof on and shingle right over it. Denver Roofing Code dose allow a 1 layer overlay but in most cases even one layer is not recommended. It is important to remove the previous layer to ensure the new layer has a sound surface to fasten the shingles to. Leaving the previous layer makes it impossible to fix any issues with the decking.

2. Can you provide me with references?

The Denver Roofing industry attracts a lot of fly by night storm chasers that are here one day and gone the next. One way to filter out a non Denver roofing local is to ask them for references. You want a company that is going to provide you with excellent service both while the project is happening and still be around 5-10 years down the road if a problem is to arise. Ask for at least 3 references of local individuals that you can call and do a drive by to get a visual on the workmanship. Roofs are high ticket items its worth doing the extra research when selecting the Denver Roofing company that fits best for your needs.

3. What kind of Warranty do you offer?

Ask your potential roofing company what type of warranty they offer. Any reputable Denver Roofing company will most likely extend a lifetime warranty on products with a 3-5 year workmanship warranty. It is important that you understand the verbiage of the contract,  be sure to ask for a copy of their warranty before signing anything! Note: Some repairs may come with a shorter warranty due to the fact that the roofer can not guarantee the previous roofers work this is common and in most cases a roof repair is simply buying time before investing in a full replacement.

4. Who will be on site when the work begins?

As a homeowner you want to know that someone will be supervising the project. Ask your estimator who that individual will be and make sure they are either going to be on site or readily available via phone call or text message. It is not the job of the homeowner to supervise the project.

5. Do you Recommend removing and replacing the gutters?

This can be a deal breaker.  It says a lot about what the motivation of the roofing company is. In almost all cases Denver roofing code requires you to remove and replace the old drip edge. Homes built in the 50’s had drip edge built into the gutter system.  This type of gutter is not adjustable and installing new drip edge over the old metal is counter productive. This type of gutter should always be removed. In the 70’s through early 2000’s gutters were installed with a Spike and Ferrule system. This type of system was decent but did not stand the test of time. If your roofer recommends keeping an old gutter system be sure to get a clear explanation as to why they want to leave them. You will discover that in most cases it is a financially driven decision rather than what’s best for the house. With an old gutter system Mountain Reach Roofing and Gutters will most likely recommend a replacement.
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