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I know her since she was a tender and unripe sixteen years old girl. By the way she was virgin when I met her. We married five years later and our marriage had been gratified by the born of two wonderful daughters. She had been and is the most loving of moms and wives, very good looking and nice. Carla was raised catholic and reserved but our sexual drive in the years begun to fasten and we started slowly to experiment.

Her skirts went shorter and her neckline deeper and deeper despite her boobs became a bit saggy with lactation and age. Her exposed cleavage had a growing success between our male friends and I encouraged her to show more. Since then a relevant braless attire and loose tops with a generous view on breasts became her rules.

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She did at a restaurant a few miles far from home receiving many sights from men and we had a great fuck later. Frequently she also dared the topless in the back garden but she was sure that nobody could catch her and a few times being on a very secluded and not so crowded beach she went nude this in the garden too.

A major excitement came from a vacation without the babies. Our room had a nice terrace where Carla sunbathed naked. We had fun and two or three days before we left I convinced her to another step and show off for a waiter. At home we added some spice to the play. Feeling confident she kept go without panties and sometimes she flashed pussy getting off my car.

One of the sexiest facts of the period was having Carla pose naked for a painter. He was a long life friend and also Carla knew him very well. Our painter friend searched for a female model as he had a series becoming a cuckold nude paintings to do. He cannot find that model as he needed a mature woman with short hair, longish pendulous boobs, dark pubes instead of the usual skinny, small breasted and all over shaved twenty something girl. I told him my Carla had absolutely those requisites. He inquired about the possibility to have Carla as a nude model and I told him that she never had done any posing but she could have a try if the project appealed her.

An evening he invited us to tell Carla his ideas.

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He also showed her a sketch of the final painting that was to say a woman reclining naked as the central figure and two standing three quarter poses of the same woman, bare breasted, at becoming a cuckold mirror. When Carla saw the sketch she was flattered and agreed to pose naked for our friend on the instant. In a month the painting was ended. Carla posed for him twice a week exposing her beautiful breasts, her lovely legs and her shaggy pubes. I am a gallery owner and for a while I exposed the painting. A few friends noticed it was Carla to pose.

This added some new spice at our behaviour. What changed definitely our minds was an inificant episode. Being a sunny day in the winter, we did a walk to the beach. By us beaches are rocky and at certain moment we stopped walking and seated with our backs against a rock. Sun was really hot and slowly she unbuttoned her blouse enjoying the warm sensation on her skin. As usual she was braless and her boobs poked out so I encouraged her to leave her blouse off completely. She did it and remained in the sun with naked boobs for some twenty minutes.

Not far from us was a middle age fisherman. He realized she was topless and started ogle turning his head to us many times. Then she took me by the arm and we came back passing very near the fisherman who looked at her intently once again made a comment. Passing by him we slowed down our pace consenting him a last gaze on her oscillating boobs.

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The play between us was clear now. I wanted to be cuckolded by my lovely and loving wife. On her side she liked to be degraded and called names. As a result I started to say Carla how exciting it was for me to fancy her in slutty and erotic situations. Not the same luscious threesome or the usual need to watch the wife being fucked that many husbands have, but something else.

I imagined her me getting ready for a date, to watch her making up, put on sexy clothes, then go out alone and come back after a night of lust and I openly proposed her to take a lover. She had me swear I was serious and posed me questions. Receiving a firm yes from me she admitted to be teased by the idea to have a bit on the side too and we had an agreement. With my blessing she started to flirt discreetly and two male friends tested the water. Her first suitor was a married man and she knew his wife very well.

This first flirt lasted a couple months and she told me every detail. They never fucked. She was more reticent with me about her second suitor. I never knew who he was and she only told me I knew him by sight. He asked her a date after they met casually at a party she was alone as I was away for business and exchanged s. The first time she dated him at his office in the late afternoon of a working day. He waited for her and locked the door as soon as she arrived. They talked for a while and he complimented her then she led him kiss her. They cuddled necking and tonguing then he started to undress her finding no resistance.

The second time he invited her becoming a cuckold restaurant as I was away again. She accepted and the meal was fine then they went to his house to end the evening. She never told me what happened exactly. This was part of the play between us. She told me they played in the nude on his bed but I never knew if she made love with him or what else as she only admitted a hand job and hinted a friendly blow job.

They had a few other dates then she stopped to see him. When I asked her why she told me he was well endowed but rather boring and unknown to her he had also a girlfriend. I tried to know more from her but she seemed to come to a stop in such extramarital activities. Becoming a cuckold the guy was a tattler and a lot of people heard that he had dated my wife. Even her best friend, who had a lover from a long time, gave Carla the becoming a cuckold as a hot wife. We were surrounded by sex. The cuckold fame I gained, true or false, charged a great sexual tension and I had no other idea than fucking my wife and see her getting fucked by other men.

Lust is like a mild snake biting your ankles and, step by step, she changed her mind and accepted my idea about trying a threesome and letting me watch. We discarded the idea of chasing between our friends circle as she had no desires of weeping wives with cheating husbands or insatiable single guys calling every day for sex. I put advertisements on a pair of adult sites searching for the right man. For a while she was in a chat room and once or twice on cam too.

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At end we appreciated a guy who answered our ad. Gino was his name and he was a middle-aged guy of Italian scent. We fixed a date and drove some miles to meet him at a becoming a cuckold. Carla was nervous. One thing is to have sex with a man after a period of attendance, one thing is to make the deed in a few hours, but I tried to be supportive with my beloved wife.

As they shook hands she openly confessed him to feel nervous but he paid compliments to her elegance and prized her green eyes. A compliment is always good with a woman and she started to relax. The three of us talked a lot in front of a drink. Gino had kind manners and she relaxed definitively. In our room Gino paid Carla other compliments as she started to undress then they had a slow dance with her in a corset and fishnets while I watched.

In a while she was naked apart from her fishnet stockings and high heels. They had some passionate kissing and Gino undressed at his turn. He had a massive hard on and my wife commented favourably pressing his cock between her legs. He worked nicely groping and caressing, stirring her anus and her pussy from behind.

In ten minutes his action had her eager to make love. Carla knelt in front of him and sucked his cock then he fucked her twice in front of me. The first time she was on her four with him entering her from behind and I saw his cock go inside her pussy like a knife in butter. During the fuck he alternated his speech being sweet and calling her names as slut, slut wife, dirty wife.

They had a rest then he invited her to impale herself directly on his meat as he seated on a chair. They fucked a second time like this. Technically his fucking was perfect leading her to great orgasms but ten minutes after the second fuck he apologized and left as he had to drove back to his wife. This way Gino deceived us and we decided to meet him no more. Her second occasional lover was Seth, a thirty something guy. They kissed for a while in a motel being both nude but after a promising start with foreplay his erection failed in the act of penetration.

Carla tried to rouse his attention again sucking patiently his cock. Never the less he was timid and chickened back. This second attempt was a total failure. In November we tried a third guy who fucked her like an animal with his very big cock. Ross was his becoming a cuckold, a forty something divorced man. He was very well endowed in the penis department and knew how to use his equipment. He pushed himself inside my wife after a good tonguing and she had to catch her breath before he started to pump her pussy furiously.

Carla was impressed by his manhood and we achieved a second date with him. The second date with Ross was hot. Carla and I fucked like sea urchins the week before. She was a total slut to him and had fun. She encouraged him stretching her naked body on a bed exposing her opened cunt and asking him to fuck her hard. Carla lost every inhibition and with a good amount of lubricant he took her even anally under my eyes. She was on her back receiving a clit massage from Ross with her legs on air when he put his cock on her anus and pushed it inside her.

Carla relaxed receiving him entirely. His cock slowly penetrated her anus having moan as an excited Tom produced degrading comments and called her names such cock slut, anal whore, brothel prostitute which we both adore. He also made it clear I was a cuckold as only a cuckold could watch the wife being fucked in the ass and having fun. He was absolutely right and the three of us burst in laughter.

Ross was good in bed and funny but he had no other ideas than his massive cock and fucking women. In a year she changed her status from a curious wife to a total hot wife and she was becoming a cuckold with it, but the right situation for her was to have sex with a recurrent lover.

Our marriage was so strong that no one boyfriend could undermine and this is another story….

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